About me

  • Hi, I'm Erwin Augustijn, 31 years old and I live in the always cosy little village of Wouw.

    I was born in Roosendaal and am a so called "Tullepetaon", but I just spent some time there in the Franciscus Hospital whereafter I moved to Steenbergen where I was raised and where I visited the primary school.
    It was in my twelfth year that my parents and I moved to Wouw where I visited college and where I still live.

    My hobbies are webdevelopment, the French language, running and of course coping up with my friends with who I'm almost weekly having a drink or spending some other spare time.

    I also enjoy going on holiday as you can see in the picture next to this text.

    Would you like to know more of me? Please read my CV!