My work

At this moment I'm a PHP back-end developer at UniTrust BV in Oud Gastel.
Within this job I take care that the application called MyView will work in a way that the mortgage process will be continued fluently and partly automized from the moment that a customer enters a mortgage office until the moment that the mortgage is being approved finally.

Until oktober 2015 I had a lot of fun working at Vuursteen Webdevelopers in Breda. Within that function I took care of the functionality of a website, eventually combined with external links or APIs like payment service providers, warehouse management systems and accountancy packages.

When a project had been announced and the offer was accepted, a front-end developer started converting the website design (made in f.e. Adobe Photoshop) into a website template (HTML/CSS & javascript).
Afterwards the project was given to me and I went pulling dynamic data from the database and feeding it to the template or external API. In fact all the background processes (like payments, sending mail and database actions) were processed by my code.